Complex, specialty risks require individual evaluation and pricing. Fundamental Underwriters stays up-to-date on market changes and industry trends by maintaining strong relationships with customer trade associations and pursuing training on emerging markets and issues.  Our team of highly experienced underwriters takes a partnership-based approach to deliver responsive and flexible insurance solutions to the commercial trucking industry. We strive every day to bring underwriting back to the industry.

Highlights of our specialty underwriting approach include:

  • Expert in-house underwriters. Our underwriters are trained and understand the nuances of the trucking industry.
  • Field-driven authority. Experienced underwriters have the authority to provide custom solutions and make key decisions.
  • Over 80 years of combined trucking experience. We write underserved markets, bringing new opportunities where limited specialty trucking markets exist.
  • Trucking industry knowledge. We understand the needs of the industry and can provide custom solutions for unique requirements.
  • Pricing adjustments based on actual results. Our custom pricing model allows underwriters to make intelligent decisions. We do not “box” underwrite.
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