Origami Risk Management

thumbnail of 22019 Fundamental UW – Risk Management FlyerA risk management information system (RMIS) is an electronic tool that assists in consolidating claims, policy and exposure information. RMIS provides management and reporting capabilities to enable the user to monitor details and control the overall cost of risk.

Fundamental Underwriters has partnered with RMIS leader Origami Risk* to provide an easy-to-use online resource designed to:

  • Deliver robust and immediate information.
  • Proactively align the customer, broker and Fundamental Underwriters with a strategic platform to actively reduce lost costs.
  • Provide an easy-to-use tool.

As part of the standard package, our risk management tool offers a wealth of features including:

  • Customizable dashboards to help monitor your organization’s performance in key areas and convert your information into easy-to-read charts and graphs for comparisons and trends.
  • Fast search functions that give you the ability to access information immediately, including policy, loss and claims data in language you can understand.
  • Detailed information, including adjuster comments and vendor data, that can be reviewed by clicking on any claim field.
  • Robust reports that can be set up for automatic delivery right to your email.
  • Automated notifications that can be emailed when special events occur, such as reserve changes, new claims and other system capabilities.

Most importantly, it’s easy to use and your loss control consultant will assist you every step of the way. We work with you and your broker to drive the best results possible while keeping your employees safe!

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