Surplus Lines Support

Customized Coverage With Extensive Rate Flexibility

Fundamental Agency, Inc., our in-house surplus lines specialist, takes away the burden of all non-admitted placements. Third Coast Insurance Company, our A.M. Best “A” XIII non-admitted paper, allows us the freedom to customize coverage while meeting the contractual needs of most insureds. Third Coast Insurance Company also offers extensive rate flexibility, allowing us to better meet the needs of our insureds.

Fundamental Agency, Inc.:

  • Holds all appropriate surplus lines and non-resident licenses.
  • Works directly with all surplus lines offices.
  • Expertly handles surplus lines tax reports and payments to applicable states.
  • Collects all surplus lines taxes and stamping fees at the time of binding and passes them to applicable states.
  • Collects all evidence of due diligence (if applicable) from retail agency partners then submits or stores that information on behalf of the retail agency.